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I pedalled from Onomichi to Imabari on 25-Jul-1999. Below is its travel report.

If you would like to have information about each bridge, or you wish to know about sightseeing spots along the route, please see some other sites such as Honshu - Shikoku Bridge Expressway.

The night train "Asakaze" arrived at Onomichi Station 5:17 on schedule.

I put my bicycle together and turned on my hand held GPS (GARMIN GPS 12). After 30 seconds, it pointed at Onomichi Station which I marked beforehand. Let's start!
[Ticket of the night train]

Track data from GPS 12 (Garmin) are pasted on the "Pro Atlas 2000" of ALPS Mapping Co., Ltd. I mistook when transferring the degrees, minutes and seconds of latitude and longitude, so each track point is a little bit off to north west. Please forget it.

Copyright of each map is reserved by ALPS Mapping Co., Ltd. I use the map files below under the individual permissions.
DO NOT duplicate the maps on this section.

Horizontal length of each map is about 10 km .



I departed the Onomichi Station. A lot of ferries go and return frequently between Onomichi and Mukaijima Island. But I crossed Onomichi Bridge instead of taking ferry. Bicycle is not passable on the Shin Onomichi Bridge.

[Onomichi Brdge]
[Map around Onomichi and Innnoshima Bridges]


I mistook the way and turned back.


The cycling path is under the motorway as the picture on the right.
My hand held GPS turned off, but no one will loses the way.

There was nobody on the path in the early morning.
[Innnoshima Bridge]


I crossed the Ikuchi Bridge.

[Ikuchi Bridge]


I felt heavy on the the pedal and checked wheels. The rear wheel was crushed.
I asked the lady who was investigating the traffic if there was a cycle shop near there. So she took me to the cycle shop near the town hall by small sized truck. Thanks a lot.
[Map around Ikuchi and Tatara Bridges]


After the repair of the wheel, I passed the way again which I passed an hour ago.
I saw the lady who took me to the cycle shop, I thanked her again and when I went up the slope to the bridge, the rear wheel burst with the sound of "BANG!!"
I telephoned the cycle shop, so he came there with the tube for the replacement. I would like to express my thanks for Mr. Kawahara.


I took new heart and crossed the Tatara Bride.

I left the Hiroshima Prefecture and entered the Ehime Prefecture.

[Tatara Bridge]


I crossed the Ohmishima Bridge.

[Ohmishima Bridge]
[Ohmishima Bridge 2]


I had a little bit late lunch. I was so mentally damaged with the wheel's burst that I was not so hungry. I had a cup of noodles.


I crossed the Hakata-Ohshima Bridge.

[Hakata-Ohshima Bridge]
[Map around the Ohshima and the Hakata-Ohshima Bridges]


I was terribly tired that I took a rest for a long time.


I crossed the Kurushima Bridge.

[Kurushima Bridge]
[Map around the Kurushima Bridge]


I arrived in good condition at the Imabari Urban Hotel in front of the Imabari Station which I reserved beforehand.
After I ate Sushi for dinner, I watched Japan Baseball All Star Game on TV.