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In Katase Higashi-hama , Kanagawa Prefecture (Aug-2005)


My brief profile

Born on March of 1966 in Suginami City, Tokyo, Japan.

I am interested in such as:
  • Wind surfing -[Wind surfing]

    I go sailing from April till November in Katase Higashi-hama (Kanagawa Prefecture) .

    <<Sailing rig (Nov-2009)>>
    Board : JP-Australia Super Sport 69 V118 '09 model
    Sail : Severne S-2 5.8 '07 model / Gator 7.0 '10 model
    Mast : Severne Blue Line RDM 430 / Gaastra RDM 75 460
    Boom : Aeron Monocoque Skinny Alumi
  • Travel - [Travel]
    I have ever been to U.K., France, Germany (Federal Republic and Democratic Republic), Italy, Monaco, Switzerland, Guam, Canada, Korea (South), U.S.A.
  • Snow board - [Snow board]

    I had been skiing before. I am not a good boarder yet.

  • Tennis - [Tennis]
    The serious problem these days is the decline of my physical strength.
I have lived in Aoba-ward, Yokohama City since November of 1982.


My photograph configuration

My photograph configuration is as follows.

Group Model Comments
CameraNikon F6It is the sixth in the F series line-up, inaugurated with the Nikon F in 1959.
Nikon D700FX format (36.0 x 23.9mm) can be selected for image.
Nikon COOLPIX S9900I use it most often these days.
Olympus µTOUGH-8000Underwater use is available.
I have dissatisfaction that AA-size batteries are not workable and that it sinks in the water.
LensAF Zoom Nikkor 28-200mm F3.5-5.6D (IF)It is very convenient in a long term travel.
Supersensitive film such as ISO 400 is required.
Tokina AT-X 280 AF
28-80mm F2.8
Standard zoom lens for most of the photographers.
Ai AF Nikkor 85mm F1.4DIt is greately convenient just after sunrise and just before sunset.
Ai AF Zoom Nikkor ED
80-200mm F2.8D
Standard zoom lens for railway photographers. I also use this one most frequently.
Ai AF VR Zoom Nikkor ED
80-400mm F4.5-5.6D
Vibration reduction mode is available.
Ai AF-S Nikkor ED 300mm
F2.8D II (IF)
I bought it at last!!
300mm F4.0
I have scarcely used it since I got F2.8 one.
OthersAF-S Teleconverter TC-14E IIIncreases the original focal length by 40%.
AF-S Teleconverter TC-20E IIIncreases the original focal length by 100%.
TELEPLUS PRO 300 3XMIncreases the original focal length by 200%.
SLICK Pro 700 DX-AMTTripod to avoid hand caused blurring.
MC-3010 pin cable release.
Stepladder (model unknown)I can take from behind in a crowded place.
GPSmap 60CSHandheld GPS to acquire location data where I took photographs.
EPSON GT-9400UFScanner to digitize photographs.
EPSON P-3000Multimedia storage viewer.
Mazda 323 Sport 20 (4WD)
[Mazda 323]
Car to carry photograph outfits and to travel.
The main specifications are as follows:

Overall length / width / height (mm): 4265 / 1695 / 1435
Colour: Silver
Displacement (cc): 1,991
Transmission: 5MT
Max. output [kW(ps)/rpm]: 125 (170) / 6800
Max. torpue (Nm/rpm): 180 / 5000