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Good old railway photographs

Photos Brief description
[Photo] 27-Dec-1975 Shinjuku Station

EF13 running on the Yamanote Freight Line. Here are Saikyo Line's platforms.
[Photo] 7-Jun-1982 Between Kurihashi and Koga

Limited Express "Hibari" had been operated between Tokyo (Ueno) and Sendai. It went out when Tohoku Shinkansen Line opened.

National Railway's standard colour for Limited Express Train (Red No. 2 and Cream No. 4) has been getting fewer and fewer.
[Composite Train]
[Photo] 18-Jan-1983 Shimizu Station

Composite train of Freight and Passenger's cars.

This line (Shimizuko Line) went out on 1-Apr-1984.
[Limestone Freight]
[Photo] 19-Jul-1998 Between Inadazutsumi and Yanokuchi

EF64 and HOKI 9500 Series Freight Cars designed for limestone transportation went away from Nambu Line on August 1998.
[Odakyu Monorail Line]
[Photo] 22-Nov-1998 Around Mukogaoka-Yuen.

The operation has been paused for the inspection since February of 2000, although some damage in a large scale was found. It will never resume to operate.

Another Lockheed style monorail line in Himeji City hasn't operated since the 1970's.
[Odakyu 3100 Series NSE]
[Photo] 10-Jul-1999 Between Kugenuma-Kaigan and Katase-Enoshima

Odakyu 3100 Series NSE which began to operate on 1963 ended its regular operation on Luly 1999.

It was the last run on the Enoshima Line.
[Photo] 7-Jan-2001 Around Tsukayama

Limited Express "Hakucho" had been operated between Osaka (Umeda) and Aomori. It went out on March 2001.