[First class rolling stock trains]

"First class rolling stock train" is ..

Railway's cars newly assembled or remodelled in a large scale are mainly carried from manufacturing company's factory to the regular line of the operating company by Japan Freight Railway.
The "First class (Ko-shu) rolling stock train" consists of the locomotive and the pulled cars.



Photos Brief description
[Seibu 101 series]
[Photo] 09-Nov-1997 Musashisakai Station

Seibu 101 series.
[Tobu30000 series]
[Photo] 23-Nov-1997 Ofuna Station

Tobu 30000 series.
[Sotetsu 8000 series]
[Photo] 1-Mar-1998 Between Shake and Atsugi

Sotetsu 8000 series.
[E127 Series]
[Photo] 14-Nov-1998 In Shin Tsurumi Yard

E127 Series for Oito Line.
[E653 Series]
[Photo] 22-Nov-1998 In Shin Tsurumi Yard

E653 Series for Limited Express "Fresh Hitachi"of Joban Line.
[Tokyu 3000 Series]
[Photo] 7-Mar-1999 Between Fuchinobe and Yabe

Tokyu 3000 Series for Toyoko Line.
[Keikyu 2100 Series]
[Photo] 13-May-1999 Between Hayakawa and Nebukawa

Keihin Electric Express Railway 2100 Series.
[Tokyo Metropolitan 6300 Series]
[Photo] 13-Jun-1999 Between Kannami and Mishima

Tokyo Metropolitan 6300 Series for Mita Line.
[Tokyo Metropolitan 12 Series]
[Photo] 27-Jun 1999 Between Kameido and Onagikawa

Tokyo Metropolitan 12 Series for No.12 Line.
[Miki Railway 300 Series]
[Photo] 12-Dec-1999 Between Hayakawa and Nebukawa

Miki Railway 300 Series.
[Seibu 20000 Series]
[Photo] 23-Jan-2000 Between Shin-Tsurumi and Fuchu-Hommachi

Seibu Railway 20000 Series.
[Photo] 20-May-2000 Between Shin-Tsurumi and Fuchu-Hommachi

EH500 for Japan Freight Railway.
[Saitama 2000 Series]
[Photo] 15-Oct-2000 Between Chigasaki and Hiratsuka

2000 Series will be operated through Namboku Line of the Teito Rapid Transit Authority on the spring of 2001.
I am sorry that I do not know the English formal name of the operating company.
[885 Series]
[Photo] 29-Oct-2000 Between Shin-Tsurumi and Fuchu-Hommachi

885 Series of Kyushu Railway was carried from Nishi-Kokura to be exhibited in Omiya Factory of the East Japan Railway.
I took this photograph on the return way.
[AIZU Railway KIHA 8500 Series]
[Photo] 24-Dec-2001 Between Chigasaki and Hiratsuka

KIHA 8500 Series of Nagoya Railway was carried to Aizu Railway via Tokaido, Musashino, Tohoku and Ban-etsusai Lines, which has been surplus with the abolition of the Limited Express "Kitakinki."
[E3 Series]
[Photo] 7-Oct-2002 Between Nakajo and Hirakida

E3 Series for Akita Shinkansen.
[E3 Series]
[Photo] 31-Aug-2003 Between Yokohama-Hazawa and Higashi-Totsuka

E3 Series for Akita Shinkansen.

The transportation route has been changed since Nov. of 2002.
[E231 Series]
[Photo] 28-Oct-2003 Between Tsukuda and Iwamoto

E231 Series for Yamanote Line.
[TH2100 Series]
[Photo] 14-Nov-2003 Between Ofuna and Fujisawa

TH2100 Series for Tenryu Hamanako Railway.