[Enoshima sightseeing spots]

Enoshima is one of the land-tied islands in Kanagawa, Japan. It is situated at lat. 35°17'N. and long. 139°29'E. Its size is about 0.38 square kilometres.

Although I often go sailing in Katase Higashi-hama, I have ever visited Enoshima only twice. I went there on Oct. of 1998. It was the 3rd time for me to visit there.
But, I stayed only 1 hour.

It comes as a surprise for me to find a good familiar sightseeing spot.

[Map of Enoshima]

I drew the map above with "Paint Brush." Its shape and the distance of each point are inaccurate. The horizontal length of the map equals about 1 km.
If you wish to learn the accurate topography, or you want to know the inaccuracy of the map above, I recommend you to get the 1:10,000 topographical map by the Geographical Survey Institute.

Please note that the descriptions below contain my personal subjective ideas.



Let's start with a question.
Where is the photograph on the right taken from? A, B, or C of the map above?

The answer is on the bottom of this section.
[Seen from the sea]

Monument of Dr. Morse

Dr. Edward Morse who found the Omori Shell Mound established a marine biological laboratory in Enoshima, which is the first one in the Asia.

It was not Morse but Mohs who classified the mineral hardness from 1(Talc) to 10(Diamond).
[Monument of Morse]

Bronze Torii

Rebuilt on 1821.

There are many gift shops on each side of the street.

"Smart Ball Game" machines are in the game centre.
But unfortunately I have no idea about its rule.

*."Torii" is the gateway at the entrance to Shinto shrine.
[Bronze Torii] [Smart Ball]

Yacht Harbour

If you have an information about this boathouse such as fee or vacancy, please let me know.
[Yacht harbour]

Botanical garden

It has been closed since March of 2002.

Tropical plants such as papaya, subtropical plants, and camellia are in this garden.

The entry fee is 200JPY.
[Botanical garden]


Replaced with new one on 2003.

The prospect from the top is glorious!

The entry fee is 250JPY.

Hetsunomiya(Front Shrine)

Rebuilt on 1976.

Nakatsunomiya(Middle Shrine)

Rebuilt on 1689.

Okutsunomiya(Heart Shrine)

Rebuilt on 1842.

Ryuren-no-Kane(Bell of Ryuren)

It had been believed "The love of the couple who visited Enoshima will soon collapse because of Goddess's jealousy."
But, it is said "The love continues forever, if they ring the bell together."

Which in the world should I believe?


The length of this sea cave is about 150m. Was the ground of this area lifted up recently?

Do not take a great deal of time and money for the maintenance.

"Put on the helmet, and take a torch when you get in."
I think it is enough.


The right answer is B.

If you turn your head to the opposite, you will get the view as been on the right.

I took this photo with my right hand on camera and with my left hand on the boom of the sailing board.