[Eboshiiwa landing operation]

An islet named Ebohiiwa is located 2 km offshore from the Chigasaki Bathing Beach, Kanagawa Prefecture. We landed there by canoe on 4-Jul-98.
Below are the landing reports.

[Map around Eboshiiwa]

All photos on this section were taken by "Canon Autoboy D5." Its focus length is 32 mm.


We arrived at the car park of the Chigasaki Bathing Beach on 9:00 AM.

It was fine and hot Saturday. But it was not a holiday for school children. So the car park had some vacancies. It must be filled at the same time on the next Saturday.
[Photo 1]

[Photo 2]
We departed on a few minutes before 10:00.

The sea bathers occupy the inner area surrounded by rope from the top of July through the end of August, when marine sports such as surfing and wind surfing are prohibited. It never make a trouble if this canoe hits someone's head, because it is made of rubber. But the paddle is hard. So we departed from the outer area.

The left person on this photo is Mr. Mochizuki who is my friend, and I am on the right.

We barely arrived at the middle of the distance.

It was farther than expected.
[Photo 3]

[Photo 4]
Only 100m or a little bit more were left over.

Many anglers were on the islet.

The moment we landed, we took a photo with the Eboshiiwa for a background.

It took 40 minutes after we departed.
[Photo 5]

[Photo 6]
There were many small fishes in the water.

We had heard this shallow teems with a lot of turbos, too.

But unfortunately, when we set the camera, the fishes had already disappeared.

An hour passed after we landed. We reluctantly left.

By the way, high tide was 13:52, and low tide were 7:18 and 18:56 today.
[Photo 7]

[Photo 8]
It was tiresome that we went back on the coming root.

The bathing beach was crowded before we knew.